What you want to be next?

Learning coaches and Growth Coaches

Whatever you want to be, start with validating and getting it right with growth coaches. Bridge your skill gaps with learning coaches who have real time experience in the Industry.

Virtual campus placements

Merritos overcomes the geographical limits with virtual campus placements. Expand your reach dramatically and increase your chances of job in final year.

Support Network

Build a network that acts as team. Connect with campus friends, people who are already in the industry. You will get help and can help others too. Things like interview guidance and building trust to your profile.

Make success a happy journey

If you are a student or professional, ( Know, plan, learn, help others, achieve and Repeat ). It is a growth loop.

When your network is your friend, coach, placement help and team, think about possibilities?

Growth need not to be accidental. By joining Merritos you know yourself, build trust, plan your career growth, track and achieve success with the help of you network.

Once you achieve success, you can help others too.

Why Join Merritos Now?

Here you will connect with working professionals, trainers with real time experience and companies. So that you will be able to get a job in your final year through virtual placements. If not you will be ready for job as soon as you come out of college.

Ways you will benefit

1. Digital Portfolio

All in one place

Build your portfolio that is Job ready. You will upload all required documents like educational provisional certificates, marks sheets. You will be able to upload your job letters and experience certificates.

Secured share

You can share your profile with interviewer on demand with OTP or email with one time password. All your documents and recommendations are stored in secured blockchain storage.

2. Reach Next Step

Learning Coaches

Our team of experts will filter top talent in trainers with real time experience, so that you do not have to take a chance or a bad advice. Signing up, scheduling, on boarding will all be done through platform. Your money will stay in lockbox until training is completed.

Growth Coaches

Growth coaches who are already working professionals will be available to assist you in career advice and planning. They know the trends of industry and hence you will get better direction to cruise towards.

3. Campus Placements

Virtual Platform

As this is virtual platform for campus placements, companies fo not have geographical restrictions anymore. Many companies will find you while you are in final year and last quarter. Campus recruiting platform will be open for you until one year after you graduate.

Recruiting Advantage

As your digital portfolio is secure and trusted, it is easier for companies to filter and recruit.

4. Network

Peer to Peer and Alumni

A vibrant network building with the help of AI driven algorithms. You will will network with your classmates automatically. You can extend this network to others. You will stay in touch with your classmates through alumni network after graduation.

Growth Network

Share your interview help, success stories using networks with successful professionals. They will give you advice and tips needed for your growth.